Our Partners

Collaboration and synergy are what make us grow

Since its inception in 2010, M-ITI has been building a network of partnerships with international excellence centres. These partnerships have allowed for the strengthening of our research capacity through knowledge exchange, infrastructure setup, and access to funding. M-ITI also serves as an R&D partner, working with companies to create innovative solutions and out-of-the-box approaches to products and services.

Become a partner

Team up with M-ITI - testing innovative interactive technologies and their social impact

M-ITI seeks to work in partnership with other institutions to perform joint R&D and provide Higher Education opportunities.

Through networking we aim to liaise with high quality and experienced researchers, engineers, and established scientists. With these connections we promote the free exchange of knowledge and people across the partnership. We pair with academia, companies of various sizes and public entities to develop new ideas and innovative approaches to their needs.

By teaming up with M-ITI, partners join a unique research infrastructure leveraged by Madeira as an international living lab for testing innovative interactive technologies and their social impacts.

Our vision of collaboration is a win-win that provides mutual support to enhance opportunities for research, entrepreneurship, business opportunities, and new funding.

Partnerships seek to ensure that both institutions gain an acceptable return on investment on collaborative work. This is reflected in our partnership strategies and our successful track record in establishing and developing collaborative arrangements with a variety of national and international partners.

We welcome contacts from the Region, Portugal and internationally to extend our range of partnerships.

Become a sponsor

M-ITI organises international R&D events every year in Madeira, bringing in top researchers. Sponsors are always involved, providing logistical assistance and often participating.


M-ITI is a major stop on the circuit of high profile institutional visits to Madeira. We often receive visitors from the Government, foreign delegations, major industry players, schools and the public in general. By sponsoring our institution, the sponsor brand is made visible to all media and visitors touring our premises. Our students finish their masters with a CAPSTONE, an innovation project carried out directly for a commercial sponsor. M-ITI's profile can add value to the sponsor’s brand: innovation, technology, social awareness, energy and creativity.

Business ignition lab supporting entrepreneurship

We believe that research can propel entrepreneurship forward through the use of innovative technologies and concepts. Researchers are supported by our Business Ignition Lab to develop business plans, create intellectual property strategies and compete for funding. M-ITI offers entrepreneurs access to its partner network, and promotes cooperation in the research and commercial sectors.