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In this project M-ITI's research will focus in the communities.Communities need both autonomy and connectivity; islands even more so. Communities should have the resources for resilience, sustainability, and self-reliance. These resources should be locally owned and operated, accessible by as many people as possible, and most importantly they should be trusted and respected. Information is a resource that amplifies all other resources and can serve as a scaffold to self-reliance and sustainable growth. Our approach, Civic Media, born and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and now based in Madeira, is to create peer-oriented, software-enabled platforms for the creation and exploitation of information for community resilience in the Macaronesian region. This project focuses on bottom-up, inexpensive, and sustainable approaches to geographic information systems (GIS) and documentation, communication and discourse within communities, and evidence gathering and decision making. Through a program of tactical interventions in the knowledge ecosystems of islands - involving field research, community outreach and engagement, education, citizen science, and grassroots mapping actions - this project aims to bring existing ideas and efforts into new configurations for civic knowledge generation in Cape Verde and Madeira.

Designação do Projecto: ALERT4YOU
Programa: PO-MAC
Data de Início: 01/01/2017
Data de Conclusão: 31/12/2021
Orçamento Total: 964.125,60€
Apoio Financeiro: 819.506,77€
Orçamento M-ITI: 199.349,60€
Apoio Financeiro M-ITI: 169.447,16€
Coordenador: Direcção Regional das Obras Públicas e Comunicações dos Açores (DROPC)

AMRAM - Associação de Municípios da Região Autónoma da Madeira

Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias [Canarias]

Cabildo Insular de La Gomera [Canarias]

Servicio Nacional de Protección Civil y Bomberos de Cabo Verde

Serviço Regional de Protecção Civil e Bombeiros dos Açores (SRPCBA)

Serviço Regional de Protecção Civil, IP-RAM

Núcleo Operacional da Sociedade de Informação (NOSI) [Cabo Verde]

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Project Acronym: MAC/3.5b/154


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