"My years at M-ITI were formative ones. My experience with the MHCI provided core skills in teaching and managing academic programs that remain invaluable to me today. The research network available within M-ITI, and via its connection to CMU, is exceptional and has proven long-lasting. The time I spent at M-ITI was instrumental to my development as a researcher and, more broadly, as a well-rounded faculty member."

Ian Oakley - Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea (2018).

"The valuable experience of teaching in the professional master programs not only made me appreciate the needs of work experience for professors but also guided me through the transitioning to an industry job."

Monchu Chen - Figure Eight, USA (2018).

"M-ITI was a great experience, and significantly accelerated my career. It gave me an opportunity to network with some of the best researchers in the world, and provided me resources to greatly evolve as a researcher and educator. It  has been a important milestone in my life."

Vassilis Kostakos - University of Melbourne, Australia (2018).

"M-ITI gave me the opportunity to work with people from all around the world in topics related to my research interests. It boosted my career in terms of meeting with Faculty working at different Universities in Portugal and at CMU. It gave me the opportunity to participate of and to lead research projects in Software Engineering and Formal Methods. M-ITI enjoys of a nice and challenging environment for both Faculty and students. I participated of the CMU-Portugal Faculty exchange program, which was a great experience for me."

Néstor Cataño - Innopolis University, Russia (2018).


"I truly enjoyed my time at M-ITI as part of a CarnegieMellon partnership program. It also allowed me to work on interesting topics, one of which eventually led to founding my first company."

Frederik Pfisterer - Mambu, Germany (2018).

"M-ITI trained me in the end-to-end design process and research methodologies, taught me how to collaborate with a diverse team of aspiring designers, and gave me the opportunity to travel all over Europe to gain a fresh new perspective on design. I'm very grateful for the time I invested in my program, in my career, and most importantly, myself."

Trisha Suri - Uber, USA (2018).

"M-ITI’s approach of the [MHCI] capstone project, as well as it’s engagement with the capstone projects sponsors, were instrumental in both helping us come up with the early idea which led to our business and encouraging us to pursue it as the program was coming to an end. M-ITI also set the right foundation in place to ensure we had the rights and access to the intellectual property from our studies to be able to turn it into a business. The teacher, environment and project-focused curriculum approach were all valuable contributors to give us the freedom, confidence and opportunity to turn our ideas into a business."

Eugene Danilkis - Mambu, Germany (2018).