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Art Talk, April 20 - Prof. Kelly Loosli and Brooklyn Walker - 5.15pm, Classroom, -2 floor at M-ITI

13th April 2018

On April 20, M-ITI will be hosting a Professor from the entertainment industry, Animator and Director Kelly Loosli, accompanied by a small group of students from Brigham Young University, which is known for educating people who now work at Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Animations, etc. Prof. Kelly will be in Madeira in the scope of his movie “Saudade Madeira” and is being guided by Movie, TV and Multimedia Madeira Association (AFTM) and the Regional Department of Education.

On the same day, we will be receiving the talented Character Designer, Brooklyn Walker, who’s going to be an intern at Sony Animations. 

Loosli and Walker will be giving a talk at 5:15pm and 5.45pm, with a Q&A session at the end: 

Kelly Loosli - Developing the individual artist through an emphasis on collaboration: Using the studio collaborative work process in the University environment as a tool to develop the artist as an individual. (5:15pm)

Bio: Kelly Loosli has worked in animation and live action production for the past twenty three years, working on both the artistic and managerial sides of the industries. Mr. Loosli began his career as a clay animator for television commercials at the age of 15. While attending Brigham Young University he received a Student Emmy for his clay animated film entitled Nocturnal. Some of Mr. Loosli’s additional work experience includes DreamWorks Feature Animation working on Films like Shrek and Spirit, and Buena Vista Motion Pictures, the live action division of Walt Disney.Mr. Loosli has spent the last twelve years helping create Brigham Young University’s nationally recognized animation program while teaching animation, storyboarding and screenwriting. Mr. Loosli is  currently working with University students to complete several large computer animated group projects, two live action and animated mixed films and one traditionally animated film.

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Brooklyn Walker - My Creative Process: My artistic approach to designing characters. (5:45pm)

Bio: Brooklyn is a Brigham Young University Center for Animation student and is starting an internship at Sony Animation soon. Most recently, she did an internship in Design at the Hasbro Toy Company, as a trainee in visual development and toy design for Hasbro’s new Girl’s Band Animated TV Series Hanazuki. She has also worked as a Concept Artist at the BYU College of Fine Arts.

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