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CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project collaboration

17th January 2019

CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project ( is looking for people with a special interest in Interaction Design; Crowdsourcing; SW and HW development/prototyping; and Mobility, to be involved in the development of the project. More information about the project below.

In CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project (, involving ARDITI, Horários do Funchal, Municipality of Funchal and a number of other European partners, there's a measure called "Gamification of Mobility," which is being implemented in Funchal.

In the scope of that measure, one of the activities/tasks proposed is an "Interactive installation at the bus stop," as briefly presented in the attached document (MAD6.1_InteractiveBusStop_draft4b.pdf).

There are some good examples from around the world (Singapore, Gothenburg, Barcelona and certainly many others) where bus stops have been "upgraded/enhanced" to become more than just "bus stops".

In the images below, the example from Gothenburg fits more in with what was originally proposed in the measure from CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project, while the example from Singapore represents a state of the art modern "bus stop."

The project provides funding for carrying out this activity, namely for purchase of prototyping equipment.

It involves the areas of Interaction design;  Mobility/Sustainability; SW and HW development/prototyping; and Crowdsourcing.

It will necessarily be a work to be done in coordination/partnership with ARDITI and Horários do Funchal, the public transport operator and project coordinator at European level.

For any clarifications or further details please contact Lúcio Quintal ([email protected] or 291721203).


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