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Expomadeira 2018 - Annual Exhibition

23rd July 2018

This year, M-ITI collaborated with the University of Madeira Masters in Spatial Design team (Spatial Design professors and students) to fabricate the Pavilion project at the CTP Lab - Critical Technical Practice Laboratory.

The Pavilion design project was exhibited at the Expomadeira 2018, an annual exhibition, through July 6-15. The project was inaugurated by the President of Madeira Autonomous Region Dr. Miguel Albuquerque and UMa Rector Prof. Dr. José Carmo.

The design was inspired in Madeira Island's topography, its mountains and cartography resulting in a parametric architectural structure accompanied by furniture. It was 3D modeled with 3000 unique pieces digitally fabricated using laser cutting, CNC milling and assembled onsite. Its fabrication is 100% recyclable, constructed using low cost eco-friendly materials and had a budget of 2.000,00€. In the end, it took three months with a total of 500 hours to be completed.

On July 13, Luís Ferreira presented a system that is being developed to cognitively stimulate people with dementia. His demo was integrated in the University of Madeira's exhibition.

Project coordinators:

Prof. Shujoy Chakraborty

Prof. Sérgio Lemos

Special thanks to the Project Team:

Pedro Lourenço

Vanessa Barradas

Ulisses Andrade

Project realized with support of:

Prof. Silvio Fernandes (Vice Rector)

Prof. Nuno Nunes (President M-ITI)

Prof. Ana Natividade (Pro Rector)

Dr. Susana Teles (Administrator/ General Council UMa)

Roberto Sousa (GIRP- UMa)

Arq. Ricardo Câmara (Architect UMa)


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