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Expressiveness and Immersion in multimodal virtual environments using sonic interaction design

Eduardo Magalhães
06th April 2017 - 17:00


Until recently, technological constraints kept sound as an often disregarded element in digital media such as games and immersive virtual environments. However the increasingly powerful hardware available enables new possibilities and allows for new strategies in emergent fields like sonic design interaction to create better immersive systems. In this context, our aim is to contribute with new methodologies and research technologies to foster immersion and expressiveness in multimodal virtual environments using sonic interaction design. This research project focuses on the creation of sound spaces, user interaction with those spaces and the meaning conveyed by sound in those specific contexts. This integrated approach aims at the development of sound tools that are capable of enhancing the listener’s sense of presence and immersion into the game environment.

Short Bio:

Graduated with Licentiate Degree from the Higher School for Music and Entertainment Arts (ESMAE), he earned his Master´s Degree in Multimedia- Interactive Music and Sound Design, by the Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Porto, where he is currently developing his Ph.D. Thesis in the field of exploration and sound interaction design for immersive virtual environments. He has developed his activity as a professor and researcher, having taken part in parallel projects of independent cinema, digital games, virtual reality, as well as in the production of musical projects, be they of music by his own authorship, or of other artists. He has also been involved in experimental projects such as sound installations and field recordings. He is currently lecturing at the Faculty of Engineering, by the University of Porto and at The University Lusófona.

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