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A holistic approach to the design of digital musical instruments

Fabio Morreale
03rd October 2018 - 14:30


Many new digital musical instruments are invented every year, but nearly all of them fail to go mainstream. In Fabio’s NIME 2017 paper, he addressed this issue from a design perspective, evidencing strengths and pitfalls in the design of recent instruments. However, he will argue, framing this issue only from a design perspective might fail to address its complexity. By going through a number of projects that he has been working on at the Augmented Instruments Lab, he will argue that theory and praxis of musical interface design would benefit from a holistic approach, combining knowledge and methods from different disciplines - among which HCI, Music Cognition, and Philosophy.


Fabio Morreale is Postdoctoral Researcher at the Augmented Instruments Lab at the Centre For Digital Music of Queen Mary University of London. He has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, which he obtained at the University of Trento, Italy. The focus of his research is the critical analysis and innovation in the design of digital musical instruments (DMIs). He has put this theoretical research into practice by developing numerous augmented instruments, musical interfaces, and installations.

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