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KAVE: Building Kinect Based CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments

25th June 2018

KAVE: Building Kinect Based CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments, Methods for Surround-Screen Projection Management, Motion Parallax and Full-Body Interaction Support


Afonso Gonçalves

Sergi Bermúdez


While CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments (CAVE) have been around for over 2 decades they remain complex to setup, unaffordable to most, and generally limited to data and model visualization applications for academia and industry. In this paper, we present a solution to create a monocular CAVE using the Unity 3D game engine by adding motion parallax and full-body interaction support via the use of a Kinect V2 low-cost sensor. More importantly, we provide a functional and easy to use plugin for that effect, the KAVE, and its configuration tool. Here, we describe our own low-cost CAVE setup, a range of alternative configurations to CAVE systems using this technology and example applications. Finally, we discuss the potential of such an approach considering the current advancements in VR and gaming.


Published in: Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction - EICS

Volume 2 Issue EICS, June 2018

Article No. 10

ACM New York, NY, USA

doi 10.1145/3229092


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