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M-ITI participates in HoCare international workshop as stakeholder

30th January 2017

M-ITI participated in the 1st International Thematic Workshop of the Interreg Europe project HoCare, "Generation of innovation by addressing unmet needs identified by formal and informal providers of health care", as part of Madeira stakeholder group.


The event took place at the Electricity Museum Congress hall, in Funchal, on 27 January 2017.

The goal of the HoCare project is to increase delivery of home care innovative solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening of cooperation of actors in regional innovation system through a Quadruple-helix approach.

The Quadruple-helix approach is an innovation cooperation model or innovation environment in which users, businesses, research organizations or universities and public authorities cooperate in order to produce innovations.

M-ITI was invited by Madeira Government IDE to participate in HoCare as research organization.

Professor Sergi Bermúdez presented the R&D being done in the AHA (Augmented Human Assistance) project, a success case, to an international panel of stakeholders, and public. 

AHA is being developed under the international partnership with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).


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