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M-ITI researchers win Best Paper and Poster Award at the International Conference on Persuasive Technologies

10th April 2017

We are delighted to announce that researchers Ana Caraban, Evangelos Karapanos, Pedro Campos and Lígia Duro were distinguished at the International Conference on Persuasive Technologies, hosted by the Centre for eHealth and Wellbeing Research, Persuasive Health Technology Lab, University of Twente (UT), the Netherlands, April 3-6. With a focus on the design and development of technologies aimed at changing people’s attitudes and behaviors, Ana Caraban, Pedro Campos and Evangelos Karapanos won the best paper award, with their work entitled “On the Design of Subly: Instilling Behavior Change during Web Surfing through Subliminal Priming.” Lígia Duro won the Best Poster Award, with her work entitled "Does Beauty Matter in Behavior Change?" supervised by our senior researcher Evangelos Karapanos and Pedro Campos.



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