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M-ITI wins a Creative Europe project

24th July 2018
Diário de Notícias da Madeira

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) and the cultural association Sete Sóis Sete Luas will have cultural projects supported by Creative Europe, reaching a total of 400 thousand euros, revealed the European Union (EU).

According to Creative Europe, each of these two structures will receive 200 thousand euros of funding for small-scale cultural initiatives under the 2018 European Cooperation Projects Support Program.

This program has a total of €41.5 million (ME) of funding available for 101 European projects, of which 84 are small and 17 are large-scale.

Concerning small-scale projects, 13 Portuguese proposals had been submitted as project leaders, but only two were selected, M-ITI and Sete Sóis Sete Luas association.

However, there are more Portuguese entities involved in this small-scale program, as partners in other European projects: Almada Dance Company, Miscellaneous Materials association, the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, ADM Estrela, Griot, DuplaCena and Curvaturva and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon.

In large-scale projects, Portugal had submitted an application as a project leader but was not selected.

Nevertheless, there are several Portuguese cultural structures as partners of other leading projects, which will benefit of a portion of the funding.

The Books General Management, Archives and Libraries will participate in a project on file management, proposed by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, with a total of 1.5 million euros of funding.

Culturgest will be involved in a project led by the non-governmental organization Bunker, Slovenia, with a total funding of two million euros, and the Belém Cultural Center will again be involved in the Big Bang festival (1.9 ME), an idea of the Belgian organization Zonzo Compagnie.

Artemrede - Teatro Associados will be linked to two large-scale European projects: the French "Reshape" (598 thousand euros) and the Italian "Be SpectACTive!" (2 ME).

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the publisher Map das Ideias will participate in a project on cultural strategies (1.1 ME) of the Italian foundation Fitzcarraldo, the cultural association Anda&Fala will be involved in the Festival der Regionen (one million euros) of Austria, and CTL - Cultural Trend Lisbon will participate in the "European Music Market Accelerator" (1,5 ME), organized by the French MAMA.

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