Master of Interactive Media Design


1st Semester:

- Interactive Media Design ECTS 7,5 Docente- Diogo Cabral

- 3D Project ECTS 7,5 Docente- Sergi Badia

- Interaction Design Methods ECTS 7,5 Docente- Valentina Nisi e Marko Radeta

- Elective 1 ECTS 7,5

2nd Semester:

- Programming Usable Interfaces ECTS 7,5 Docente- Pedro Campos

- Interactive Visual Storytelling I ECTS 7,5

- Game Design ECTS 7,5 Docente- Sergi Badia

- Elective 2 ECTS 7,5

3rd Semester:

- Interactive Visual Storytelling II ECTS 7,5

- Elective 3  ECTS 7,5

- Interactive Media Design Project ECTS 45

4th Semester:

- Interactive Media Design Project ECTS 45



- Virtual Realities

- Artificial Intelligence and Game Design Docente- Eduardo Ferme

- Hypermedia Design  Docente- Simone Ashby

- Interfaces & Interaction Design

- Human-Centered Software Engineering

- Software Design

- Advanced Topics in Informatics Docente- Pedro Campos

- Multimedia Systems

- Embodied Interaction Docente- Valentina Nisi e Diogo Cabral

- Human Factors Docente- Simone Ashby

- Design Studio

- Service Design

- Digital Media and Society

Alumni Testimonials

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