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Moving Digits (MODI) project at Barreirinha

03rd May 2019

Nuno Correia, PI of MODI project, will be in Madeira during the week of May 6-12 for project meetings and development with Raul Masu, project researcher and guests Stephan Jŭrgen, Jochen Feitsch and William Primett.

On May 8, the above mentioned guests will be giving talks as part of the Movement and Computing Talk Series.

  • Stephan Jürgens  - "Which corporeal dimensions can be computed in contemporary dance? Novel strategies for the visualisation of choreographic thinking in the past decade"

  • Jochen Feitsch - "Motion Capturing Creative Area (MOCCA-Project)"

  • William Primett  - "Coupling Biomedical Sensors with Choreographic Language"

On Friday, May 10, Nuno, Raul and William are performing at Barreirinha Bar Café (BBC) at 10pm, a performance titled "Moving Digits Sound System." This will be one of the three-day performances at the bar.


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