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Talk by Teresa Restivo (FEUP, Univ, Porto) "Online Experimentation, IoT and IoHT,” July 13 at 10 am

10th July 2018

Maria Teresa Restivo, from FEUP, University of Porto, is giving a talk at M-ITI (classroom), on "Online Experimentation, IoT and IoHT”, next Friday, July 13, at 10am.


Based on the underlying technology - communication technologies, sensor networks, protocols and applications - the IoT concept is based on the existence of intelligent network objects that interact and coordinate information communication between each other.

In this context, the students of mechanical engineering are introduced to the concept of remote experimentation, through remote monitoring, remote actuation and even remote interaction. In the light of this, they are introduced to haptic devices that "Telo operate" experiences. Components of virtual experimentation based on virtual and augmented reality are also explored. Exp@feup, a platform open to anyone who wants to use it, was created.

The result that seems to be significant is in a set of products - prototypes and applications - all initiated in Master's theses over the last 10 years in which mechanical engineering students embraced various forms and types of technologies and in many cases devoted effort and interest in the development of health systems with wide-ranging perspectives, thus training more intensely the so-called soft skills. Out of some of the prototypes and applications I will try to give a brief idea of them.

Short Bio

Maria Teresa Restivo has a Physics degree in Solid State Physics and a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, both at University of Porto. In 1988 she became a senior researcher at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP), working in the Automation, Instrumentation and Control area at the Mechanical Engineering Department (DEMec). She also has been teaching at under and postgraduate level.
In 1992-1994 she was the coordinator of the Automatic Systems area of the Mechanical Engineering Research Centre. In 1994-2000 was joint coordinator of the Physics, Acoustic and Telecommunication Research Unit. In 2005 she joined the research Unit of System Integration and Process Automation (UISPA) integrating the Associated Laboratory of Energy, Transports and Aeronautics (LAETA). She coordinates it since December 2007.

Her activity is related with the sensors development, wireless sensorization, online experimentation (remote experiments and virtual reality interaction with Haptic devices, mixed reality and augmented reality applications), development of sensorized devices of bioengineering for biological measurement and for distance assisted rehabilitation and ageing, use of ICTs and haptic devices in higher education (remote and virtual labs).


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