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M-ITI is active in research and education in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Informatics Engineering and Entertainment Technology. In all three domains M-ITI offers high-quality programs with our partners: University of Madeira, University of Lisbon, University of Porto, New University of Lisbon, University of Texas at Austin and Carnegie Mellon University.

Support & Orientation in PhD and Master Programs

As an official institute recognised by the funding body of the Ministry of Science and Technology (FCT), M-ITI offers students and researchers the opportunity to integrate with teams working on a range of challenging and dynamic projects. M-ITI students and researchers benefit from high quality doctoral advisors, partnerships with top universities such as the University of Texas at Austin and Carnegie Mellon University, dual-track degrees, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment to support their research.


Master of Interactive Media Design

1st Semester:

- Interactive Media Design ECTS 7,5 - Professor Diogo Cabral

- 3D Project ECTS 7,5 - Professor Sergi Badia

- Interaction Design Methods ECTS 7,5 - Professors Valentina Nisi and Marko Radeta

- Elective 1 ECTS 7,5

2nd Semester:

- Programming Usable Interfaces ECTS 7,5 - Professor Pedro Campos

- Interactive Visual Storytelling I ECTS 7,5

- Game Design ECTS 7,5 - Professor Sergi Badia

- Elective 2 ECTS 7,5

3rd Semester:

- Interactive Visual Storytelling II ECTS 7,5

- Elective 3  ECTS 7,5

- Interactive Media Design Project ECTS 45

4th Semester:

- Interactive Media Design Project ECTS 45


- Virtual Realities

- Artificial Intelligence and Game Design - Professor Eduardo Fermé

- Hypermedia Design  Professor - Simone Ashby

- Interfaces & Interaction Design

- Human-Centered Software Engineering

- Software Design

- Advanced Topics in Informatics - Professor Pedro Campos

- Multimedia Systems

- Embodied Interaction - Professors Valentina Nisi and Diogo Cabral

- Human Factors - Professor Simone Ashby

- Design Studio

- Service Design

- Digital Media and Society


The International Master of Interactive Media Design ia a two year graduate program that engages students in the design of transformative experiences and development of technologies for change. 

The Interactive Media Design course aims at the fundamental objective of training and qualifying active agents, aspiring or established professionals as well as researchers and academics in the creative field of interactive media providing students with cutting-edge knowledge related to interactive digital media and developing simultaneously skills necessary for their future application. Through involvement in projects, students have the opportunity to develop practical skills and gather experiences, while developing contacts that will be invaluable in accessing research networks and the labor market, in various sectors of industry, creative and technological, as creators, producers, designers , managers or entrepreneurs. Capitalizing on the experience gained with the partnership between the MITI and the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, through the Master of Entertainment Tecnhology, an effective approach to new creative fields of digital media is made possible to a wider range of students.

How do I apply?

Applications are submitted online, exclusively, through the address

Applications are open from:

1st application phase: March 1st – April 30th
2nd application phase: May 15th – July 15th
3rd application phase: August 1st – September 25th

Required documents (in PDF format):

- Curriculum vitae;

- Portfolio (optional);

- Copy of the diploma and transcripts of completed courses and grades;

- Copy of the Identity Card | Citizen Card | Passport (only for non-portuguese citizens;

- Other documents that the candidate deems useful to demonstrate their qualifications and curriculum;

- For the candidates who confer professional qualification for teaching, a copy of the programs of the completed subjects, so that the jury can count the credits of formation in the area of teaching.

After registration, students will be contacted to present the original certificates.

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