Courses Overview

Human-Centered Software Engineering / Engenharia de Software Centrada em Humanos

This course discusses the fundamentals of human-centered software engineering an emerging discipline that focuses on bridging SE and HCI in an attempt to solve the outstanding problems of modern software development. Students are introduced to the main methods and techniques of HCSE through the comprehensive activity-based design method pioneered by Larry Constantine.

SE and HCI processes; Activity modeling; Model-driven inquiry; User modeling; Model-driven architecture; Abstract prototyping; Instructive interaction; Model-driven inspections.

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Larry Constantine, Lucy Lockwood: “Software for Use”, Addison Wesley 1999.


Best practices

Traditional vs. human-centered software development

Activity Modeling

Participation and Content

Activity-based design, a systematic model-driven method for successfully integration of HCI in SE.

Below: Models and prototype from a sample student project: design a video-conference system.

Model 1

Model 2


Below is the resulting prototype of this work, feel free to experiment!


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