Courses Overview

Human Factors / Factores Humanos

This course is designed to: 
1.To introduce students to theoretical aspects of human factors, cognitive science, and social science that will assist them in understanding and designing the interactions of humans with the world, tools and technology.
2. To assist students investigate and understand problems that arise out of the interaction of humans with systems; 
3. To introduce students to methods and principles for analyzing problems that involve human factors, such as: perception, cognition, decision making and human errors; 
4. To introduce students to physical and cognitive ergonomics; 
5. To teach students to consider human factors for technology design; 
6 To teach students to understand problems and apply human factors knowledge to analyze them, find sources of error, and propose the design (or redesign) of systems in order to improve human system interactions.
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Wickens, Ch., Lee, J., Liu, Y. & Gordon Becker, S. (2004). An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering. Second Edition
Various research readings.

Three projects from Human Factors
Top Left: Anthropometric and sign redesign of a security key chain
Bottom Left: A new user interface for a video conferencing room
Right: Evaluating the effectiveness of instructions for a car maintenance task

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