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Capstone Projects Final Presentations

13th May 2013

Students of Masters of Entertainment Technology will present their work for the capstone project, made for their sponsors, Museu Casa da Luz and Eat & Travel. On this event the students of Masters in Human-Computer Interaction will present the spring report for their capstone project, where they are working with Museu Casa da Luz, Eat & Travel and Wow|Systems.

All project are new and innovative ideas that are being developed by our students.

The official presentation will be next Wednesday, May 15th at 09:30 am.


Capstone Projects Presentation

May 15th, 2013




Official opening

-     Nuno Jardim Nunes, Presidente da Direcção do Madeira-ITI and Presidente do Conselho de Administração do ARDITI

-     José Manuel Baptista, Vice-Reitor da Universidade da Madeira

-     Jaime Freitas, Secretário da Educação e Recursos Humanos *

Classroom @ M-ITI


“Two-Minute Madness”, MHCI & MET students

Classroom @ M-ITI


Project Power House – MHCI & MET

Classroom @ M-ITI


Coffee Break & Demo session

Garden & Corridor @ M-ITI


Project Edesia – MHCI & MET

Classroom @ M-ITI


Project Wow Systems – MHCI

Classroom @ M-ITI


Madeira D’Honra & Demo session

Garden & Corridor @ M-ITI

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