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Open Call for Post-Doctoral positions

10th February 2014

ARDITI (Regional Agency for Development Research, Technology and Innovation) has an open call for post-doctoral positions for a period of 12 months for research centers located in Madeira.

The call for applications is open from 10 to 28 of February 2014.

Under the main challenges identified by the Action Plan for Research, Technological Development and Innovation of Madeira (PIDT & I), creating critical mass in research centers recognized and evaluated by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) based in the Madeira was identified as one of the main strategic objectives of PIDT & I.

In order to contribute to the preparation of these centers for the next framework program, the ARDITI launches a competition for scholarships frequency stages for post-doctoral researchers in particular support a work plan to support and demonstrate the contribution of the welcome center for the objectives and thematic areas of PIDT & I. 

The details of the call can be found here

M-ITI is eligible under two main areas:

1. Exact and engineering sciences - computer science and engineering

2. Social Sciences and Humanities - psychology, art and design

Applications are required to

  • Hold a PhD degree in these areas and a plan that demonstrates how they will contribute to the research strategy of the hosting center.
  • A permanent residence permit in Portugal is a requirement of the current framework and regulations that will change for 2014-2020.
  • Due to the same limitations contracts will start between March 03rd and May 1st at the latest.

The documents supporting the application must be sent initially in electronic format to this email until February 28th. Subsequently, candidates should proceed to issue the original documentation for the closed envelope ARDITI services, located in Edf. Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2, Caminho da Penteada, 9020-105 Funchal, Portugal, within one month after the end of the period of applications.

Applications will only be considered with the entry in the email comprised from 10 to 28 February 2014 inclusive. Application forms are available on the submission site at ARDITI, between 9:00 pm on February 10 and 17:00 pm on February 28.

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