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M-ITI participation in TEI2013 - 7th international conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction

06th February 2013

TEI 2013

TEI 2013 is the seventh international conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. It will be held 10th to 13th February 2013 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The work presented at TEI addresses HCI issues, design, interactive art, user experience, tools and technologies, with a strong focus on how computing can bridge atoms and bits into cohesive interactive systems.

Some of our faculty will be showcasing their work.

The Digital Dream Lab: Tabletop Puzzle Blocks for Exploring Programmatic Concepts (short) Hyunjoo Oh, Carnegie Mellon University Anisha Deshmane, Carnegie Mellon University Feiran Li, Carnegie Mellon University Ji Yeon Han, Carnegie Mellon University Matt Stewart, Carnegie Mellon University Michael Tsai, Carnegie Mellon University Xing Xu, Carnegie Mellon University Ian Oakley, University of Madeira

Supporting offline activities on interactive surfaces (long)

Augusto Esteves, University of Madeira, UMa, Michelle Scott, University of Madeira, UMa, Ian Oakley, University of Madeira, UMa

Physical Games or Digital Games? Comparing Support for Mental Projection in Tangible and Virtual Representations of a Problem Solving Task (long)

Augusto Esteves, University of Madeira, UMa Elise van den Hoven, University of Technology Sydney Ian Oakley, University of Madeira, UMa

ToyVision: A Toolkit to Support the Creation of Innovative Board-Games with Tangible Interaction

Javier Marco Rubio, University of Madeira (Portugal) Sandra Baldassarri, University of Zaragoza (Spain) Eva Cerezo, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Puppets Duets in [E]ngaging Major, Op 33

Yoram Chisik (University of Madeira) Monchu Chen (University of Madeira) M Clara Correia Martins (University of Madeira)

Studio 6: Designing and Making a Tangible Tabletop Game with ToyVision Javier Marco, Ian Oakley, Eva Cerezo and Sandra Baldassarri

Studio participants will design and prototype tangible board-games for NIKVision: a tabletop computer for young children ( The goal of this studio is to give designers and developers hands-on experience of developing a functional prototype of a tangible tabletop application without the intrinsic difficulties of managing electronic sensors, actuators and machine vision algorithms. During the studio attendees will complete a simple but conceptually complete tangible board-game prototype by abstracting the technologies and keeping focus on the application behaviours and the interactions between users, objects and the system. This will be achieved through using the ToyVision toolkit, a set of software tools that lowers the threshold of prototyping both the “bits” and the “atoms” of interactive tabletop games.

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