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M-ITI at Interact'2011

20th July 2011

Interact'2011 is one of the top HCI conferences and the premier venue for international and intercultural research topics in the field.
Madeira-ITI as a strong presence in this year's conference. No only many of our faculty have leading roles in the technical committee but we are presenting:
    2 Tutorials:
        TUT.111: Activity-Centered Interaction Design: A Model-Driven Approach, Larry Constantine
        TUT.112: Model-Driven Inquiry: Beyond Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry, Larry Constantine
    1 Workshop:
        WS2: Human Work Interaction Design for e-Government and Public Information Systems, Pedro Campos et al
    9 papers:
        Understanding Goal Setting Behavior in the Context of Energy Consumption Reduction , Scott et al
        Information to Go: Exploring In-Situ Information Pick-up “In the Wild”, Kukka et al
        Hammering Models: Designing Usable Modeling Tools, Huang et al
        An Image of Electricity:Towards an Understanding of How People Perceive Electricity, Chisik
        Improving users’ consistency when recalling location sharing preferences, Venkatanathan et al
        Sharing Ephemeral Information in Online Social Networks: privacy perceptions and behaviours, Reynolds et al
        Customer Experience Modeling: Designing Interactions for Service Systems , Teixeira et al
        Social Translucence as a theoretical framework for sustainable HCI, Barreto et al
        Interactive Installations: Tales from the Trenches, Campos
We are happy to have a strong impact in such a relevant international venue for HCI research.

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