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Creative Writing / Escrita Criativa

This course is designed to help students develop skills as creative writers in a variety of forms, including short fiction, creative nonfiction, and newer digital media forms. The emphasis in this course will be on learning through experimentation: experimentation with writing style, voice, tone, genre, and so on. The readings for this course will reflect this experimental focus, being drawn from a broad cross-section of fiction and nonfiction, poetry, journalism, and other forms.
Most classes will take the form of a writing workshop: that is, students will read and critique their colleagues’ work and receive feedback on their own work in turn. There will also be lectures covering a range of topics such as narrative, character, voice, and writing for particular communities / in specific genres. Assignments will include in-class and take-home assignments (e.g. flash fiction exercises and longer stories), and presenting on aspects of the writing process.
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Course reading list (hard copies and/or links to all readings will be provided)

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary


Harper, Graeme, Creative Writing Guidebook (London: Continuum, 2008)
Harper, Graeme, The Future for Creative Writing (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014)
Morley, David, The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2007)
Strunk, William, and E. B. White, The Elements of Style (Longman, 1999)
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