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M-ITI will be strongly represented in DIS 2012

08th May 2012

M-ITI will be strongly represented in DIS 2012 with:


Supporting the Aviation Industry: A Traveler-Centered Approach (Short)
Kagonya Awori, Andreia Gonçalves, Emily Clark, Troy Effner, Justine Yang, Ian Oakley, Nuno Nunes

This paper describes a traveler-centered approach to sustaining the aviation industry based on extensive user research on 63 travelers in order to develop an understanding of their needs, problems and frustrations. These guided the design of a smartphone phone application that uses static, context-aware and social information to support travelers during their trips by improving their travel experience.


Eco-Avatars: Visualizing Disaggregate Home Energy Use
Leandro Gouveia, Lucas Pereira, Michelle Scott, Ian Oakley

Interactive Yoga Studio: A Space that Enhances Yoga Practitioners to Achieve Peace and Self-realization
Monique Park, Mario Pinto, Antonio Gomes, Monchu Chen

Play with Fire — An Interactive Experience for Sustainability
Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Correia


Augmenting Customer Journey Maps with Quantitative Empirical Data: A Case on EEG and Eye Tracking
Rui Alves, Veranika Lim, Evangelos Niforatos, Monchu Chen, Evangelos Karapanos, Nuno Nunes

Footprint Tracker: Reviewing Lifelogs and Reconstructing Daily Experiences
Ruben Gouveia, Evangelos Niforatos, Evangelos Karapanos

Sense Me: Supporting Awareness in Parent-Child Relationships through Mobile Sensing
José Rodrigues, Rúben Gouveia, Olga Lyra, Evangelos Karapanos


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