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Bob Spence will talk how engineer meets psychologist

27th September 2012
Bob Spence, Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering at Imperial College London, will give a talk about Engineer meets Psychologist, next Monday, October 1st, at M-ITI/UMa (Amphitheatre 10 - 3rd floor @ UMa building).
On this talk he will explain that there are many computer-based applications of RSVP (technique of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation is often illustrated by the riffling of the pages of a book: each page is only seen for perhaps one-tenth of a second, but in a few seconds some idea can be gained of the book's contents), but a major factor in their success is the eye-gaze performance of the user. The lecture will end with a rather surprising application of RSVP, to the problem of Wilderness search and Rescue.
Bob Spence has been involved in research and design in Human-computer Interaction since 1968, with emphasis on Information Visualization. He is the author of Information Visualization: design for interaction, published by Prentice-Hall in 2007 and widely adopted as a teaching text. He teaches information visualization at Imperial College London and the Technical University of Eindhoven in Holland, and recently in New Zealand, Germany and Singapore. Bob has been awarded three doctorates for his work in electronic circuits, design for manufacture and interaction design, and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (equivalent to the US National Academy of Engineering).
We hope to meet you there.

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