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Great participation in ACE'12

15th November 2012

Back from Kathmandu, Nepal, our faculty members reported an extremely interesting and positive experience in Ace 2012.

Here are some pictures that report that experience!





Prof. Valentina along with Filipe Quintal (PhD student)presented Hometree - An Art Inspired Mobile Eco-feedback Visualization, in two different events. The first was for a national  exhibition  at the Kathmandu World Trade Centre, the day before the conference.The second was in the 2nd day of the Conference. Many visitors attended the showcase and provided positive feedback.


HomeTree presentation


Monique Park, Monchu Chen and Valentina organized a successful and very attractive workshop on Mediated Yoga Experiences.



Another participation was in the kids workshop sessions where our faculty Prof. Yoram Chisik was a co-Chair and workshop organizer, along with Javier Marco Rubio, Monchu Chen and Maria Clara Martinsof LuTrack: Bringing Tangible Interaction to Low-Computer-Literacy Children.



In the kids workshop Prof Valentina also co-organized with EngageLab members, Playing with Blocks and Exploring Words and Sounds.

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