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Fall semester begins this Monday

12th January 2013

According to M-ITI's academic calendar, classes for fall semester start this Monday.

The courses that follow M-ITI's academic calendar this spring are:

 - Software Architecture - Arquitecturas de Software

- Software Architectures for User Interfaces - Arquitecturas de Software para Interfaces com Utilizadores

- Ubicomp - Computação Ubíqua

- Service Design - Desenho de Serviços

- Agile Software Development - Engenharia de Software Centrada em Humanos

- Basic Interaction Design - Interfaces e Desenho de Interacção

- Programming Users Interfaces - Programação de Interfaces com o Utilizador

- HCI Project I - Projecto HCI I

- ETC Project II - Projecto Interdisciplinar ETC II

- Decision Support Systems - Sistemas de Apoio à Decisão

All the other courses start on UMa's academic calendar.

Check your schedule here. Don't forget to change the date for the week that you want to check (i.e. January 22th). Schedules are updated, so for the week of January 14th you can only see the classes that will take place on that week. On February 13th, courses that follows UMa academic calendar start and you will be able to see them all.

Most of the rooms vary from one week to another. Please take a close look to the schedule, so you won't miss the class.

Have a great semester!

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