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CHItaly 2013 - Biannual conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter.

19th September 2013

chitaly 2013M-ITI faculty and researchers will be participating this week in the 10th edition of the biannual conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter.

The conference will be held between the 16th and 19th of September 2013 in Trento, Italy.

The main theme of the conference this year is "Building Social Innovation". This theme emphasizes the role of HCI as a fundamental means to support the establishment and consolidation of new societies where people and technology work together towards the establishment of an inclusive solution to important social problems. A specific interest is in social-technical solutions that meet needs of all kinds, from working conditions and health, to community development and creativity.

M-ITI faculty and researchers will be presenting a total of 5 papers and 1 demo:


Barreto, M., A. Szóstek, and E. Karapanos, "An initial model for designing socially translucent systems for behavior change".

Nisi, V., N. Nunes, F. Quintal, and M. Barreto, "SINAIS from Fanal: design and evaluation of an art-inspired eco-feedback system".

Lyra, O., E. Karapanos, R. Gouveia, M. Barreto, V. Nisi, N. J. Nunes, J. Zimmerman, and J. Forlizzi, "Towards persuasive sociometric technologies for inclusive educational settings",

Barreto, M., E. Karapanos, and N. Nunes, "Why don't families get along with eco-feedback technologies? A longitudinal inquiry".

Jorge, C., J. Hanna, V. Nisi, N. Nunes, M. Caldeira, and G. Innella. Fostering Ambiguity: Decontextualizing and Repurposing a Familiar Public Display;


Updating the Campfire Model: a Split-Flap Display as a Digital Storytelling Public Installation (Clinton, J., Nisi, V., Nunes, N., Hanna, J., Caldeira, M., Innella, G.

Follow the research blog to have more information on the research presentation at CHItaly 2013.

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