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Presenting the ARTiVIS project and the Play with Fire installation at the Joint Research Centre

19th March 2014


Mónica Mendes and Pedro Ângelo will be participating in the Workshop “Emerging ICT for Citizens’ Veillance: Theoretical and Practical Insights” at the Institute for Protection and Security of the Citizen of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC)– March 20 to 21 in Ispra, Italy.

“This workshop will bring together scholars, technicians, policy-makers, and activists to consider how emerging ICT can be designed to reflect citizens’ values and to support citizens’ empowerment in democratic, affordable, and sustainable ways. Through presentations and roundtable discussions, participants will discuss the current state-of-art and existing experiences with emerging ICT in relation to citizens’ vigilance and consider ethical questions, potential technological solutions and future research topics.”

In the first day they will be demonstrating the artistic Installation “Play with Fire” by Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Valentina Nisi and Nuno Correia.

The following day they will participate in the sessions presenting "Appropriating Video Surveillance for Art and Environmental Awareness: Experiences from ARTiVIS Project”.

The event

The workshop is composed of three sessions: The first is focussed upon theoretical aspects, including how the values underlined by citizen initiatives goals could be reflected in technological architectures, and the policy and ethical issues surrounding surveillance technologies. The second session explores these issues with reference to experiences with technologies. Part I focuses upon the experiences of two research groups and Part II focuses on a prominent theme for veillance technologies – health and bodies. In the third session, we will explore how veillance technologies have presented opportunities for DIY and open source projects that articulate new visions and ways of visioning.

The workshop is part of the JRC Project TRUDI, Trust in Digital Interactions: Citizens, Institutional and Corporate Ethics (Project n. 568). TRUDI deals with “research on ethical approaches for improving trusted digital interactions. Nurturing trust requires multi-layered, technical and non-technical ways of interweaving the social digital fabric: institutional ethics and digital memories, organized citizens’ vigilance to support corporate responsibility, international data sharing.” Within this context, a report on best practices from case studies and empirical work is planned on how emerging ICT are shaping new forms of citizens’ veillance on institutional and corporate behaviour."

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