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Kinetic Typography Final Show

02nd April 2014

Next Friday, April 4th between 5 and 6 pm, a final presentation regarding the Kinetic Typography workshop in the last 3 weeks, tutored by Dan Boyarski a Carnegie Mellon School of Design professor, will be taking place in the “Classroom” located in M-ITI facilities. 

Kinetic Typography is an animation technique used in the virtual world and therefore a method to be explored by all of those who intend to work in the media technology domain. This intensive course was held for 3 weeks, between March 17th and April 4th, with the goal of exploring time-based communication through the practice of exercises, discussions, synthetic movement, sound and basic animation principles.

Inspired by the “movement is the essence of life” premise, Daniel Boyarski motivated his students with a constant active participation and dedication. Directing them to a relaxing state of mind and open mindedness, leaving prejudice, behind allowing a highly creative environment to take place. This will be reflected on the final projects being presented on Friday.

These projects were developed by students from the Msc in Computer Sciences, Informatic Engineering Phd, Professional Masters in Computer-Human Interaction, and Master in Entertainment TechnologyThe latter developed under the Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Partnership Program.

Daniel Boyarski, former Carnegie Mellon School of Design headmaster, teaching in that facility for 32 years. Some of his interests lie in complex information visualization, interaction design and interface design, and how word, image, sound and movement can be combined in a way to produce an efficient communication register. In 1999 he was awarded by the Design Management Institute with “Dan the Murial Cooper Prize” for “outstanding service in the advances of design, technology and communication in a digital environment”. 

Beside the scheduled presentation at 5 pm, M-ITI's hallway will be set with multimedia projections where any visitor can appreciate the projects during Friday, starting at 10 am.

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