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CHI 2015 - Two Game Design Finalists

28th January 2015
Two student projects from the Game Design class in Fall 2014 were accepted as finalists (top 3) in the Game Design Competition at CHI 2015.  The most prestigious conference in computer interactive system will take place in Seoul, South Korea during April.  Student representatives are going to present their game design in order to determine the final ranking.
The two teams, Holy Cow and Keyewai are led respectively by Rui Trindade and Paulo Bala and co-supervised by Prof. Sergi Badia i Bermúdez, Prof. Yoram Chisik, and Prof. Monchu Chen.
Team Holy Cow, led by Rui Trindade (MET), developed a game called “Purrfect Crime”, which is an innovative installation-based game that sets out to explore the recent research field of Animal Computer Interaction.  With an interactive floor projection and two distinct sensors, the game allows a human player and domesticated cats to enjoy the game.  The team will compete with two other finalists in the “Innovative Game Design” category.
Team Holy Cow includes Rui Trindade (MET), Micaela Sousa (MEI), Cristina Hart (MEI), Nádia Vieira (LDMI), Roberto Rodrigues (LDMI), João França (LDMI).  
Learn more about the Purrfect Crime
Team Keyewai, led by Paulo Bala (MET), developed a game called ““Keyewai: Last Meal”, which an innovative two player computer game which consists of a holographic projection screen as output, and two eye-trackers and two gamepad controllers as input.  This unique interface design allows a novel playing experience with face-to-face social interaction, and gaze-based interaction.  The team will compete with two other finalists in the “Innovative Interface” category.
Team Keyewai includes Paulo Bala (MET), Lucilia Nóbrega (MEI), Guilherme Neves (MEI), Laís Lopes (LDMI), Joana Morna (MEI), João Camacho (LDMI), Cristina Freitas (LDMI).
Learn more about the Keyewai: Last Meal
The papers will be in ACM’S Digital Library following the conference.
Learn more about the conference here.

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