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Launching RootIO

28th May 2015


M-ITI's ERA Chair & Scientific Director Chris Csikszentmihályi is currently in Uganda launching his community project called RootIO. Chris, who considers himself an artist, designer, and technologist, seeks to blend the best of radio with the best of the Internet.

RootIO community radio; the first of its kind to be deployed in the world, is an innovative radio technology with a potential to revolutionize last-mile communication in hard to reach and war ravaged areas. The technology uses a mobile phone for broadcasting.

An inexpensive but highly networked radio technology is designed to be affordable by a rural community. The new technology uses a smart phone to replace a radio studio, and affordable solar power to replace expensive national grid electricity or generator.

Although the internet and social networks have revolutionised the rich world, millions of people in poor countries don't even have radio broadcasts in their own language. Traditional radio stations need a building with sound equipment that links to a powerful antenna. But as advances in electronics have driven computation into smaller and cheaper packages, it has become possible to run a whole radio station with little more than a phone.

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Sources: NewScientist


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