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M-ITI @ Wire2015 : Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2015

04th June 2015


Around 400 scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs from the EU are gathered in conference WIRE 2015.

Prof. Nuno Nunes is an invited speaker on the session The impact of Spreading excellence and widening participation at regional level where he will present the developments of the EU project leapFrog M-ITI - Enhancing the Research and Innovation Potential of M-ITI through Human-Computer Interaction and Design Innovation; and discuss the impacts the project will have both for the Institute and for Region. 


The Conference will focus on regional aspects relevant to the estimation on the impact of EU 2020 Strategy implementation and on the revision of the research and innovation policy priorities in the post-crisis period till 2020.

The WIRE 2015 will provide stronger link between EU 2020 Strategy implementation, Horizon 2020 and Cohesion Policy, which is particularly important for the effective planning of human resources, building of critical mass and for ensuring effective planning of national and foreign financial resources in widening countries.

The overall objective of the Conference is to promote research and innovation investment in regions and Member States, to discuss the new policy instruments for the programming period 2014-2020 and to highlight the potential of innovation and knowledge, narrow the innovation split among European regions and to optimize the Smart Specialization Strategies.

WIRE2015 is taking place in Riga from 4 to 5 June.

The event is being live broadcasted at


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