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M-ITI Advisory Board Meeting to take place on October 9 and 10

02nd October 2015

M-ITI will host its biennial Advisory Board Meeting on October 9 and 10.

We are glad to have, coming over to visit us at Madeira Tecnopolo, our distinguished friends advisory board members,  Cameron Tonkinwise (Professor at Carnegie Mellon University), Gregory Abowd (Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology), Lucy Suchman (Professor at Lancaster University), Norbert Streitz (Scientific Director of Smart Future Initiative), the Madeiran artist Rigo 23 and Soromenho-Marques (Professor at University of Lisbon). These will be joined, during the discussions, by our honoured partners Anind Dey (Head of HCII at Carnegie Mellon University),  Manuel Heitor (Director IN+/LARSyS) and José Santos-Victor (Director ISR/LARSyS), and together with our brilliant Faculty from M-ITI, spend two days exchanging their ideas, and sharing experiences on research and education. The key topics will be M-ITI’s Strategic Research Agenda, Research Areas results, Educational Programs, International & National Partnerships, for which the Board will issue Recommendations.

The ERAChair will be on the spotlight, Chris Csikszentmihályi will present the project to everyone, drive the discussion on its Research Agenda, and host a Public Kickoff.

A visit to the facilities is scheduled, and during Office Hours the board members can speak with individual faculty, staff, and students “dropping in” to their offices to ask questions and speak freely.

We are very excited to have such an illustrious group of friends coming over to meet our faculty, students, and staff.

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