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Playtest Interactive and Board Games

10th December 2015

On December 16th at 5pm @ Madeira-ITI we are hosting the Playtest session.

Come and try our interactive and board games! The teams are Mental Drivers, Virtual Body Experience, Game Studio and Parallactive Studio.

Students from different programs (MEI, LDMI and DEI) have been working together in teams to develop interactive experiences as well as traditional games. You are most welcome to come and experience our games.

See below the posters and description of each team:

Team Mental Drivers

We will present two games, designed and implemented by our studio, a computer-based game with an innovative interface using the Wiimote and the projector, as well as a board game with the same aesthetic. Our game is based on the Chronic Disease Challenge and it's built for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

The board game, called Restless House, is based in this story: In a cosy neighbourhood in 2015, a poor house is completely messed up. There’s trash and toys scattered everywhere. The house owners have hired you, the player, to clean it up and organize it before they return home!

The digital game, called Build a House, is based in this story: Congratulations you are the lucky chosen designer of the new state-of-the-art modular houses! You need to choose what rooms will go where. Aiki-Ah is also providing you with furniture that’s boxed and you need to decide where you think the furniture will go. Good luck!



Team Virtual Body Experience, Game Studio
We are inviting people to play with our games for health. We created a videogame using Virtual Reality Glasses and a stationary bike to immerse users in a flying experience using a classical renaissance environment. The second playtesting uses a board-game developed to encourage teams to make exercising during a gameplay with cards and tokens.


Team Parallactive Studio

The digital game consists in a module for Garry's mod, making two players cooperate by solving puzzles. Each player has different abilities controlled by their attention and respiration levels.

The board game makes four different people play against time. Having 30 minutes to fix their broken ship, they have to cooperate and calm each other down so their stress does not kill them first.

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