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Playtest Interactive and Board Games

18th December 2015

This Wednesday, December 16th we had the Playtest session @ Madeira-ITI. In this session the three teams: Mental Drivers, Virtual Body Experience, Game Studio and Parallactive Studio presented the interactive and board games they created. All guests had an amazing time playing games. Congratulations to all the team members: Tatiana Vieira, João Andrade, Afonso Gonçalves, Diogo Cró, Ricardo Faria, Daniel Camacho, Jana Kucej, João Faria, John Sousa, Erika Silva, John Muñoz, Yuri Almeida, José Camacho, Luis Sousa, Pedro Henriques and Vitor Gonçalves, and their professors Sergi Bermúdez and Yoram Chisik.

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