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Disentangling TV 2.0: Analyzing the online extension of TV fiction and social audience’s feedback

Deborah Castro
10th May 2016 - 11:00


In today’s era of media convergence, the traditional meaning of Television has been transformed and the Internet’s advent has played a key role in this process. The aim of this talk is to explore the synergies between the two mediums from two points of views by taking TV fiction and webseries produced in Spain as objects of study.

On the one hand, I have explored the online extension of 77 programs through the analysis of 738 web platforms (microsites, forums, blogs, and social networks) from both structural and content perspectives. On the other hand, I have analyzed how the Internet has altered the relationship between TV and its audience. More than 8,000 comments posted by fans and community managers on 251 sites were sorted in Atlas.ti using a socio-semiotic code. Classification of each comment using all applicable labels allowed the dissection of their content from different perspectives, such as the narrative world (storylines, characters, settings etc.) or the expression of fans’ identities (self-reflections, emotions etc.).


Short Bio:

Deborah Castro is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at M-ITI. She holds a PhD in Communication (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and  has been a pre-doctoral research intern at University of Texas at Austin with Joseph Straubhaar. She is a Research Fellow at the Observatory of Spanish Television Fiction and New Technologies and at the Ibero-American Observatory of Television Fiction. Her research interests cover digital media, television studies, reception analysis, and fandom.

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