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Does culture matter?

José Abdelnour Nocera
02nd June 2016 - 15:00

Culture is a difficult and elusive concept to define partly because of the pluralistic interest that it has gained from various academic disciplines with each of them having its own focus. The impact of culture on software development and interaction design poses many challenges that cannot be exposed in a one-off exercise. National, organisational and disciplinary cultures, to name a few types, play a role in the quality of software in terms of its actual and perceived usefulness. My research has been aimed at the identification of cultural issues in order to promote enhanced stakeholder participation in software development and better product utility, usability and user experience. In my talk I will present a few examples showing the influence and importance of culture in the process and the product of interaction design, software development and internationalisation, and what I have learned from 15 years of research in this area.


Short Bio:

José Abdelnour Nocera is Associate Professor in Sociotechnical Design at the University of West London and Affiliate Associate Professor at M-ITI. He is the current Chair for UNESCO IFIP TC 13.8 working group in Interaction Design for International Development as well as Chair for the British Computer Society Sociotechnical Specialist Group. His interests lie in the sociotechnical and cultural aspects of systems design, development and use. In pursuing these interests, he has been involved as researcher and consultant in several projects in the UK and overseas in the domains of mHealth, e-learning, social development, e-commerce, e-governance and enterprise resource planning systems. Dr. Abdelnour-Nocera gained an MSc in Social Psychology from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela, and a PhD in Computing from The Open University, UK.

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