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Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces

Nuno Correia
25th May 2016 - 14:00



Nuno Correia will present the research project "Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces” that he is conducting at EAVI (Embodied AudioVisual Interaction group), Goldsmiths, University of London. It is a 2-year project, started in mid-2014 and supported by a Marie Curie EU fellowship. The main research question is: how can interconnected sound and image be used to create more usable, accessible, playful and engaging user interfaces? To address this issue, a new UI paradigm is proposed – AVUI (AudioVisual User Interface). AVUI links interaction, sound and image, building upon the concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI) by adding interconnected sound and image. The research hypothesis is: the introduction of AVUI, integrating interrelated sonic and visual feedback, reacting to user interactions, will lead to more usable, accessible, playful and engaging UIs, as compared to a traditional GUI – particularly in use cases where accessibility and/or engagement are determinant. Nuno will present the main research threads he has been developing as part of his project: Gen.AV, a hackathon-based approach for creative software development; the ShapeTones game; AVZones iOS app for audiovisual performance; and the user interface toolkit ofxAVUI.


Short Bio:

Nuno Correia is a researcher, media artist and musician. He is interested in enabling interactive multi-sensorial experiences. Since 2000, he has been teaching and conducting research in media art and design, in universities in Portugal, Finland, Estonia and the UK. Nuno holds a Doctor of Arts degree in new media from Aalto University (Media Lab Helsinki), with the thesis “Interactive Audiovisual Objects“, and an MSc in innovation management from the University of Lisbon. Currently, he is a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London (EAVI group), working on the project “Enabling Audiovisual User Interfaces”. Nuno’s work has been presented in more than 20 countries, in such festivals and venues as ACM Multimedia – Interactive Arts (Scottsdale), Electro-Mechanica (St. Petersburg), FILE (São Paulo), ISEA (Istanbul), Le Cube (Paris), Mapping (Geneva), Optronica / British Film Institute (London), PixelAche / Kiasma (Helsinki) and SXSW (Austin). His articles have been published at conferences such as ACE, CHI, NIME, SMC and TEI; as well as at the Journal of Visual Art Practice, Leonardo Electronic Almanac and the Intermedial Arts book. Nuno’s projects have been featured in CreativeApplications.Net, CDM, The Creators Project, Leonardo Reviews and Digicult, among other specialised media. Homepage:

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