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M-ITI Researchers Present Paper at the ISD 2016 Conference

24th August 2016

M-ITI researchers Pedro Valente and Nuno Nunes will present the paper "The Goals Approach: Agile Enterprise Driven Software Development. Information System Development" at the ISD 2016 Conference, in Katowice, Poland, August 24-26. 

It concers the Goals Approach as a stand-alone method focusing on the cross-consistency of concepts that bridge business and IT.

The Goals Approach is a software development method that was developed at the University of Madeira by means of the recurrent application of the Wisdom method [Nunes, 2001] and its extension Goals Software Construction Process [Valente, 2009] for over a decade. It relies on the concept of essential use case [Constantine, 2006] for the specification of a business model that is used as the back-bone of a software architecture, bridging business and IT specifications.


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