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M-ITI Researchers Present Papers at the 4S/EASST Conference 2016

31st August 2016

Several M-ITI researchers will be presenting papers at the 4S/EASST Conference 2016, in Barcelona, Spain, August 31-September 3.

Mary Amasia will present "Microfluidic systems: challenges and opportunities for citizen science.” Amasia’s paper will explore how citizen science initiatives can engage with microfluidic systems for environmental monitoring whose complex automated analyses yield results at the site of collection.


Michelle Kasprzak will present "Emerging Post-Digital Methods of Artistic Production,” in which she uses two bodies of politically critical artwork to examine how 3D scanning and printing technologies utilized in artistic research contribute to STS dialogue on the backstage and practical technical concerns around the production of art, as well as material outcomes of digital processes.

Marisa Cohn will present the paper "Holding on and letting go - temporal regimes of infrastructure care work.” Cohn’s paper will explore how the lived experience of infrastructure care work reveals the mutually configured temporalities of design and repair. 


Finally, Chris Csikszentmihályi had two papers accepted,  "Makers of the World, UNITE!” and "Mētis in Technology.” The first proposes to redesign “Maker Spaces” as spaces for local, mētis-centered approaches to research, development, and production, while the second explores the kinds of innovation that are likely to occur when artists approach technology.


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