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Hacking happiness: the emergence of Positive Technology

Dr. Andrea Gaggioli
19th October 2016 - 17:00


The increasing diffusion of smartphones, wearable sensors and augmented/virtual reality is enabling a new range of services and applications. However, the pervasive presence of computers in our lives leads to a fundamental question: Do technologies make us happier? Recently, an international group of scholars has started to address this issue, by developing a new field of study called “Positive Technology”. This approach combines the the scientific study of wellbeing with advances in interactive technologies. In this talk, I will present recent developments of PT, describing with practical examples how emerging technologies can be used to support positive thoughts and emotions, foster the development/expression of personal resources (i.e. knowledge, proactive coping, positive engagement modes, ecc.) and promote optimal experiences in individuals and groups.


Short Bio:

Dr. Andrea Gaggioli is Professor of Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology at Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy. His main focus is on Positive Technology, a field at the intersection of interaction design, neuroscience and positive psychology, which investigates how interactive technologies can be used to empower cognition and foster mental wellbeing. Andrea has authored many peer-reviewed papers concerning the applications of emerging technologies in mental health and neurorehabilitation. For his scientific work, he received several international acknowledgements, including the Prize of the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine.

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