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ProCEED - Prototyping Context-driven micro-Enterprise Experiences for Development

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With ProCEED, our aim is to explore the ICT design requirements of local micro-entrepreneurs in Mozambique, prototype these experiences in the form of a mobile-based service that capitalizes on an existing Portuguese TTS system to enable literate and illiterate vendors to connect with their customers, and test and evaluate the service prototype in the field. Our approach is context-driven, involving the participation of a community of micro-entrepreneurs in Maputo for ensuring that the resulting prototype is usable, sustainable, and culturally relevant. This method and the use of cultural and technological probes also facilitates testing of the TTS component for suitability and operability. ProCEED is part of a long-term aim to develop scalable TTS-enabled mobile service applications for emerging markets.

As mobile phone use continues to skyrocket in Sub-Saharan Africa, innovative approaches to mobile-based ICT service design offer an important step forward in alleviating poverty, achieving greater digital inclusion and bypassing problems of illiteracy, expensive airtime costs and lack of internet connectivity. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology offers an important yet underused dimension in ICT services that use interactive voice response as an alternative to reading and typing text. And yet, in Sub-Saharan Africa, where Indo-European languages tend to dominate, little has been done to leverage existing English, French and Portuguese TTS systems for enhancing ICT accessibility. 

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