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Cataño, N.., Ahmad I., & Siminiceanu R.. (2012).  Automated verification of specifications with type- states and access permissions. AVOCS.
Cataño, N.., Leino K.R.M.., & Rivera V. (2012).  The EventB2Dafny Rodin plug-in. Developing Tools as Plug-ins (TOPI). 49 -54.
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Cataño, N.., Hanvey S., & Rueda C. (2012).  Poporo: a formal methods tool for fast-checking of social network privacy policies. Proceedings of the 50th international conference on Objects, Models, Components, Patterns. 9–16.
Cataño, N.., Wahls T., Rueda C., Rivera V., & Yu D. (2012).  Translating B machines to JML specifications. Proceedings of 27th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Software Verification and Testing track (SAC-SVT), [Acceptance Rate: 26%]. 1271–1277.
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