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Auger, J., & Hanna J. (2016).  Liberator. Design and Violence. 4-7.
Hanna, J. (2016).  Manifestos for the Internet Age (review). Minor Literature[s].
Hanna, J. (2016).  New Blood: The 21st Century Manifesto. The 3D Additivist Cookbook. 360pp.
Auger, J., & Hanna J. (2016).  The Possibilities of an Island: Redesigning Madeira. Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos.
Hanna, J. (2016).  Post-Media Marinetti: The 21st Century Avant-Garde Manifesto. 2016 International Conference of the European Network of Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM).
Hanna, J. (2016).  Rebirth of the Radical: The 21st Century Avant-Garde Manifesto. MSA 18: Culture Industries.
Hanna, J. (2015).  Bad Manifestos: A History of Violent Speech. Berfrois.
Hanna, J. (2015).   By Any Memes Necessary: Manifestos in the Post-Media Age. RIXC Renewable Futures.
Ashby, S., Hanna J., Oakley I., Vieira T., Abreu F., & Campos P. (2015).  Citizen X: Designing for Holistic Community Engagement. Proceedings of the 11th Biannual Conference on Italian SIGCHI Chapter. 178–181.
Hanna, J. (2015).  Community Then? Mapping Future Scenarios in the Community. Community Now? The Politics of Participatory Design.
Hanna, J. (2015).  Designs on a New Aesthetic: The Courtroom Manifestos of Whistler and Wilde. Symbiosis: A Transatlantic Journal. 19.1,
Dionisio, M., Barreto M., Nisi V., Nunes N., Hanna J., Herlo B., et al. (2015).  Evaluation of Yasmine’s Adventures: Exploring the Socio-Cultural Potential of Location Aware Multimedia Stories. (Schoenau-Fog, H., Bruni E. Luis, Louchart S., & Baceviciute S., Ed.). 251–258.
Dionisio, M., Bala P.., Trindade R.., Nisi V., & Hanna J. (2015).  Lucid Peninsula: DreamScope an Interactive Physical Installation. Creativity & Cognition '15.
Jorge, C., Nisi V., Hanna J., Nunes N., Caldeira M.., & Marinho A. (2015).  MStoryG: Exploring Serendipitous Storytelling Within High Anxiety Public Spaces. (Abascal, J., Barbosa S., Fetter M., Gross T., Palanque P., & Winckler M., Ed.).Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2015 [Acceptance Rate: 29,6%]. 9299, 335-353.
Hanna, J. (2015).  Vorticism and Avant-Gardism. Wyndham Lewis: A Critical Guide.
Nisi, V., Dionisio M., Hanna J., Ferreira L., & Nunes N. (2015).  Yasmine’s Adventures: An Interactive Urban Experience Exploring the Sociocultural Potential of Digital Entertainment. (Chorianopoulos, K., Divitini M., Hauge J. Baalsrud, Jaccheri L., & Malaka R., Ed.).Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2015. 343–356.
Gonçalves, F., Campos P., Hanna J., & Ashby S. (2015).  You're the Voice: Evaluating User Interfaces for Encouraging Underserved Youths to Express Themselves Through Creative Writing. Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity and Cognition. 63–72.
Jorge, C., Hanna J., Nisi V., Nunes N., Caldeira M.., & Innella G. (2013).  Fostering Ambiguity: Decontextualizing and Repurposing a Familiar Public Display. Proceedings of the Biannual Conference of the Italian Chapter of SIGCHI on - CHItaly '13. 1–10.
Hanna, J. (2013).  Recent Arrivals: The Madeira Story Generator Project. Great Writing: The International Creative Writing Conference.
Jorge, C., Hanna J., Nisi V., Nunes N., Caldeira M.., Innela G., et al. (2013).  Storytelling and the Use of Social Media in Digital Art Installations. Interactive Storytelling - 6th International Conference, ICIDS 2013, Istanbul, Turkey, November 6-9, 2013, Proceedings. 233-244.
Jorge, C., Nisi V., Nunes N., Hanna J., Caldeira M.., & Innella G. (2013).  Updating the Campfire Model: a SplitFlap Display as a Digital Storytelling Public Installation. Proceedings of the Biannual Conference of the Italian Chapter of SIGCHI [Acceptance Rate: 49%].